About Us

The ADAMHS Board is a division of County government authorized by Ohio Revised Code 340 to plan, develop and fund networks of substance abuse treatment and prevention services within Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties. There are currently 53 ADAMHS/Mental Health and Recovery Services Boards representing each of Ohio’s 88 Counties. The Boards are comprised of fourteen or eighteen volunteer members, who are required to be residents of the service district and whom are appointed by the County Commissioners and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The Board carries out its mission primarily through annual service contract with community-based service providers.

The current ADAMHS Board officers and members are:

Board Chair
Julie Smith
Tuscarawas County
Board Vice-Chair
Jeff Neidig
Tuscarawas County
Chris Sand Ashley
Tuscarawas County
Diana Boyd
Tuscarawas County
Kevin Spears
Carroll County
Steve Thomakos
Abriel Melchor
Tuscarawas County
Polly Patin-Mellor
Tuscarawas County
Maureen Stoneman
Tuscarawas County
Marry Ann Otte
Tuscarawas County
Paul Rossi
Tuscarawas County

ADAMHS Board Staff

The daily operations of the ADAMHS Board are performed by a staff of 5 employees hired by the ADAMHS Board of Directors. They are:

Natalie Bollon
Executive Director
Veronica Spidell
Manager, Community Services
Michelle Sayre
Fiscal Manager
Michael J. Dotts
Special Projects Manager
Danielle Lurie
Operations Manager /
Enrollment and Claims Specialist