Local Homeless Count to be Held This Month

2015 PIT Count PosterVolunteers from several social service agencies in Tuscarawas County will participate in the National Street and Shelter Homeless Point-in-Time Count, to be held locally on January 27th, 2015. This coordinated effort is used to establish the number of individuals currently living in emergency shelters or places not otherwise meant for human habitation in a designated geographic area.

“By establishing a baseline count of individuals who are under-housed at a specific point-in-time, we are able to show the level of need for our local community”, says Michael Dotts, Special Projects Manager at the ADAMHS Board and the local PIT Count Coordinator.  “Using this count as a basis, we as a community are telling funders of homeless reduction and prevention programs that Tuscarawas County has a need for additional funding to continue the work of ending homelessness in the county”

In order to complete the count, staff from local agencies, including the two local emergency shelters, Friends of the Homeless and Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter, will ask each resident to complete a short questionnaire regarding their family and their current episode of homelessness.  This data will be used to target the causes of homelessness in the area, with the intent to develop programs to address these causes.  Volunteers will also canvass the community in an attempt to locate unsheltered homeless individuals to determine the same information.

For more information on the P.I.T. count, please call Michael Dotts at 330-364-6488.