Overdose Rescue Kits Help Save Lives

nx-nasalAn increase in heroin and prescription opiate abuse coupled with accidental drug overdoses have resulted in the ADAMHS Board adding another tool in the fight against addiction.

Overdose rescue kits, sometimes referred to as Narcan Kits or Naloxone Kits, were recently purchased by the ADAMHS Board and distributed to local law enforcement agencies for use by patrol officers responding to the scene of an overdose and for inmates released from jail.  Carroll County Sheriff deputies as well as Carrollton Police Department officers were provided rescue kits, which deliver an intranasal dose of Naloxone as a treatment for a person with a known or suspected opioid overdose.  Tuscarawas County jail medical personnel distribute the kits to inmates for use upon release.  In both cases the law requires that emergency medical technicians are contacted immediately following administration of the anti-overdose drug.

Naloxone, also marketed as Narcan, is a pure opioid antagonist and is designed to reverse the effect of an overdose that might have otherwise resulted in death to the individual.  Naloxone usually reverses the depression of the central nervous and respiratory systems, which is the most common cause of death following an overdose.

Purchase and distribution of Naloxone rescue kits became an option in Ohio after Gov. John Kasich signed HB170 into law in March of 2014.  HB170 expanded the list of licensed health professionals, emergency responders and peace officers who are authorized to administer Naloxone. The bill also allows certain health professionals to distribute the kits to any person, family member, or friend of a person who is at risk of experiencing an opioid related overdose.

For more information about Naloxone or rescue kits, please call the ADAMHS Board at 330-364-6488.