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(New Philadelphia, OH) – The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS)  Board is excited to announce updates to the local mental health crisis response system. Access to 24-hour services will remain available, and SpringVale Health Centers is planning to open a new Behavioral Health and Medical Urgent Care Center in New Philadelphia in early 2024.  The new urgent care center will provide in-person mental health, addiction, and crisis assessments for adults and youth with extended hours including evenings. The center will also offer brief, walk-in counseling sessions with linkage to an outpatient counselor; medication to cover gaps deemed medically appropriate; and information, referral, and follow-up for adults and children that present with mental health or addiction needs.  

“We have experienced many changes in our system of care since the pandemic,” noted ADAMHS Director Natalie Bollon, “the largest of which relates to our crisis system of care.  We applaud SpringVale Health Centers on their efforts to open the urgent care center that will not only allow individuals quicker access to a provider in our behavioral health system with extended hours, but it will also be a resource to prevent individuals from getting to a point of crisis.” 

Bollon continued, “Research shows that if we can get individuals to an urgent care center or an agency with open access hours when they are beginning to struggle, we can prevent the crisis in some cases. Ideally, individuals, parents, and community partners will refer loved ones to the urgent care center when they begin to see signs of concern that aren’t at the level of a crisis.  Intervening earlier and developing a plan can lessen the likelihood that a crisis will occur.” The new urgent care center can reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room, inpatient admissions, and incarceration through a holistic approach that treats the whole person, integrating physical and behavioral healthcare.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services developed the Ohio Crisis Task Force in June 2021 to improve the crisis delivery system. One of the opportunities identified by the task force was the development of additional behavioral health urgent care facilities across the state. A Crisis Landscape Analysis report, released by the state department in March 2023, indicated there were 20 behavioral health urgent care centers that served youth and adults in Ohio.  Tuscarwas County’s new urgent care center will now add to this list. 

In addition to the new urgent care center, ADAMHS is encouraging the community to focus on using early intervention efforts including:

  • Calling or texting the 988 Ohio Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
  • Calling the 24/7 local crisis hotlines at 330-343-1811 and 330-627-5240
  • Accessing certified peer supports available for both mental health and addiction recovery support at local agencies

Residents of Carroll County can utilize open access hours at the Carrollton SpringVale office each Wednesday from 8-5 for those who need support quickly but aren’t necessarily in a crisis.

Individuals in need of a crisis assessment can still access this service through the emergency department at Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital both during and after urgent care center business hours. A mailer will be sent to homes in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties in the near future to again summarize the crisis changes.  In addition, SpringVale’s Crisis Stabilization Unit, located at 201 Hospital Drive, Dover, will continue to function in its current capacity while walk-in crisis assessments will soon be completed at the New Philadelphia urgent care site.

The urgent care center will open in the winter. SpringVale will release additional information including hours and services in the upcoming weeks.

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