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Over the span of the last two years, the Ohio Department of Medicaid has required counties processing Medicaid eligibility to adjust and adapt to processing applications and renewals during what has been considered to be a Public Health Emergency (PHE).

During the PHE, individuals determined eligible for Medicaid could not be discontinued for other than three very specific reasons: Death, no longer a resident of Ohio or a verbal request to be discontinued directly from the consumer. Because of this requirement, the county agency has experienced a vast reduction in contact by Medicaid consumers. Addresses have not been updated, income is most likely out of date and household residency has most likely changed.

As we approach 2023 and what may bring the end of the PHE, we are trying to prepare for the return to normal eligibility processing. This would mean that case information needs to be updated as much as possible so that accurate determinations can be made.

The state has created the attached packet of information for consumers to help them navigate the changes expected. We are sharing this packet with you in hopes that you will make it available to the public and assist us in stressing the importance of the information contained.

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