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“Thank God for organizations and operations like Project Hope, it just highlights the importance of communities being involved,” said Rep. Bill Johnson (R), Ohio 6th District.

Project Hope in Tuscarawas County in Ohio has been rolled out again to begin National Recovery Month. The month of September is used to promote the county’s Hope Line, an initiative that is supported by Johnson.

“This is not something that we can legislate or incarcerate our way out of,” said Johnson. “But I think overcoming the social stigma of reaching out for help, that’s what projects like Project Hope do.”

The effort a joint one, that includes the group EMPOWER TUSC, formerly the Tuscarawas County Anti Drug Coalition and the County’s Addiction Task Force. It allows for anyone who needs help to call the HOPE Line, at 330-663-6812 and speak with only one person to help them get connected to the proper services regardless of the county they live in.

“The HOPE navigator’s job is to get you to the most appropriate level of care,” said Jodi Salvo, Cordinator of EMPOWER TUSC.

Silhouettes are also being placed across the county throughout the month, black, grey, and yellow silhouettes were displayed, each with a different and important meaning.

“We started with ten cities and villages that had subsequent loss and we put up silhouettes and it was how many persons died in our county. As well as , how many overdoses in a city or village, and then a sign that says ‘There is Hope’, with a resource number so people could access the services available,” said Salvo.

All in an effort to not forget.

“I think if we saw these spring up all across the country, we would begin to turn the tide,” said Johnson.

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Project Hope (ABC News)

Project Hope in Tuscarawas County in Ohio has been rolled out again to begin National Recovery Month in September.

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